Style Crush: Stacey Bendet

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Style Crush: Stacey Bendet

If we made a list of all the Penn grads making moves in style, Stacey Bendet would be at the top. Bendet is most notably acclaimed as the founder and head designer of the popular clothing line, Alice and Olivia. As a fashion icon herself, she’s known for her bold, creative choices in the pant department (her nickname being “Staceypants”). Bendet loves to rock anything in vibrant patterns and textiles. She does not stick solely to trousers, though – she’s often seen in tutu inspired skirts or ruffled dresses. She has also been named a Vanity Fair International Best Dressed honoree, a title she deserves. Her style is playful, yet sophisticated, and she’s always pairing crazy yet perfect combinations only she could pull off. The girl loves her accessories, too (don’t we all?). Whether it’s a chic headband, a miniature top hat, or even flowers, her head is always adorned!

Bendet’s clothing line happens to be a bit more mainstream. Though still inspired by the colors and textiles she loves, Alice and Olivia is very ready-to-wear. Bendet offers her buyer sexy, chic, and wearable pieces, all necessary statements for any girl’s wardrobe. We don’t only have a crush on Stacey, we have a crush on Alice and Olivia, too. Be sure to check out the Q&A with the talented founder herself in The WALK’s Winter 2013 issue, launching this Wednesday, 7-9 PM at Castle!

– Jane Bender

Images courtesy of Celeb Salon, Zimbio (12) , The Business Insider, and Interview Magazine. 


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