Standout, Funny Fashion Blogs


Standout, Funny Fashion Blogs

If there is anything we know about life, it is that we should never take it too seriously, especially when it concerns fashion. A good laugh is undoubtedly one of life’s simple pleasures, and laughing is exactly what we’ve been doing since we came across a series of fashion blogs that poke fun at the sometimes too serious fashion world.  Here are three standouts to bring laughter to the new year:

“Hey sad turkey, wear this rag & bone Dagger sweater to that vegan potluck.”

1.  Wear This to That

Wear This to That is dedicated to “suggestions” of what designer clothes various animals should wear to different events.  The detailed artwork and outlandish suggestions will have you rolling on the floor in minutes, whether you are a die-hard fashion junkie or not. Though the site is fairly new, there are already quite a few charmers that give us a different perspective on high-end fashion.


How can you not sigh in awe at first sight of these Rodarte booties and sleeping kittens?

2. Shoe Kittens

Do you like cats? And do you like shoes? If so, then this site is made especially for you. There are pages after pages of super cute cats paired with even cuter designer shoes.  You are welcome.

Fashematics mathematically explains the inspiration behind Oscar De La Renta, Resort 2012.

3. Fashematics

Math and fashion meet head on in this blog that seeks to find the root (pun intended) of some of the craziest runway trends. Forget your textbook and Wolfram Alpha, all the math skills you need are right here, in front of you.

Fashion doesn’t always need to be serious! Be sure to check these for a quick laugh, even if they are poking fun at our favorite designers.


– Nanette Nunu

Images courtesy of Wear This To That, Shoe Kittens, and Fashematics.

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