Stain on Your Power Suit? Fear no more.


Stain on Your Power Suit? Fear no more.

It’s that time of year, when The Apprentice meets Fashion Week, and OCR is on everyone’s minds. Between printing resumes and thinking of what makes you a perfect fit for that one company, don’t forget about making sure your power suit is clean and ready. Check out these suggestions for dry-cleaning options around campus:

1. Spruce Hill Cleaners

401 S 45th Street, (215) 823-6863

Spruce Hill Cleaners charges similar prices to other dry cleaners in University City. Their fees are around $1.95 for a dress shirt and $11.50 for a suit (jacket and pants/skirt).

2. Bonded Boutique Cleaner

3724 Spruce Street, (215) 382-1890

Located right next to Wawa and Gia Pronto on Spruce, this small boutique and dry cleaner is convenient for all of your dry-cleaning needs. They offer same-day service, so Bonded is a great option if you’re pressed for time (no pun intended).

3. All Seasons Cleaners

101 S 40th Street, (215) 386-9886

This shop located at 40th and Chestnut usually takes a few days to turn around orders, so we recommend you drop things off accordingly. All Seasons charges about $2.50 for a shirt and around $5.50 for a blazer. Customers can also call the shop for a more specific price quote.

4. firstServices

Penn Student Agencies, Williams Hall

Penn Student Agencies offers dry cleaning services, even picking up the items from your dorm. Prices range from $3 for a laundered and pressed shirt to $13 for suits or dresses. Schedule a pickup by filling out a form here.

5. Saia’s Cleaners

251 S 41st St, (215) 222-2646

Saia’s is another great option, especially when you have things that need a more thorough cleaning. They’re located on 41st and Spruce, so you can easily drop off your items in-between classes.

With these convenient dry-cleaning options around campus, you can make sure to look your best while (fingers crossed) snagging a job in the process. From all of us here at The WALK, best of luck with OCR!

-Kelly Ha

Image courtesy of United Cleaners and Bonded

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