IOTW: The Ultimate Rucksack Makeover

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IOTW: The Ultimate Rucksack Makeover

On January 1st, as the clock struck midnight and we forever wrapped up 2012, we said goodbye to some major pop culture happenings: The Spice Girl long-awaited reunion at the 2012 London Olympics, Kim Kardashian’s long-awaited pregnancy with child “Kimye,” and, finally, a collaboration between a brand and an artist that forever raises the standard for luxury bags.

This collaboration between the Olsen twins and artist Damien Hirst marks a project of epic proportions: Hirst’s makeover to the limited-edition Nile crocodile rucksack. While the original Nile rucksack was worth around $35,000, this newly upgraded bag, of which there exist only 12, is now priced at around $55,000, with each bag varying in price. Hirst’s design varies with each rucksack, as the bags all differ in size and color variations on polka dots and pills.

And, since just 12 bags are created, a portion of each sale benefits UNICEF. So, love them or hate them, no one can deny that The Row has done it again; this powerful duo has taken the words “limited-edition” and “rucksack” to an entirely new level.

-Deborah Kotkin

Images courtesy of  Ego-Living and The Huffington Post  (1, 2, 3).

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