Five Signs You Should Be Running From Your Nail Salon

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Five Signs You Should Be Running From Your Nail Salon

We love nail salons.  Nail salons love us.  But we don’t love nail salons that do (or don’t do) the following:

1.  They can’t answer questions.  Nail technicians who can’t answer basic questions like “How often do you clean equipment?”, “How do you prevent cross contamination?” and “Who’s in charge of overseeing safety standards?” are similar to your three-year-old cousins.  Neither should be doing your nails.  Like, ever.

2.  The pampering is painful.  If your manicure hurts, leave.  Getting your nails done is supposed to be reminiscent of a mini-vacay, not a death sentence to VP.  You shouldn’t pay someone to make you want to take painkillers.  It’s that simple.  Really.

3.  They use jets.  Jets may seem like a great idea (Who doesn’t love getting a free foot massage, sans hands?). But, in reality, jets just move around the same water the old lady with foot fungus who came an hour before you used.  Gross.  If you insist on soaking in a jet tub, fine.  Just ask your nail technician to change the filter in front of you.  So he or she actually does.

4.  They only take cash.  Just plain sketchy.  Salons that only take cash have no record of you being there.  This means if you get an infection from a manicure or pedicure, there’s no proof – they’re off the hook.  (So sneaky, but we’re so much smarter than that.)  Take your pretty toes and your Amex elsewhere.

5.  They don’t have a license.  In most states, the document is required to be in your line of sight when you sit down.  If a salon can’t manage to get a license (it’s not rocket science), they shouldn’t be touching your cuticles!  Expired licenses aren’t acceptable, either.

Trust your instincts!  If a salon looks dirty from the outside, it wont get any better inside.  We promise.  On the other hand, if a salon looks nice, but your nail technician suddenly whips out used disposable items, RUN!  Your safety (and nails, obviously) comes first.  Your nail technician’s hurt feelings?  A pretty much nonexistent second.

-Kati Holland

Image courtesy of Stopsignxpress and Woodburn.

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