Barre Focus Fitness: A Quality Workout in 60 Minutes

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Barre Focus Fitness: A Quality Workout in 60 Minutes

As busy college students without a car, it’s difficult to fit effective workouts into our schedule. Pottruck is only as good as we make it (and, mind you, we’ve gone to Pottruck plenty of times with the intention of leaving as quickly as possible), and the studios downtown are too far away to make the trip routine. But, just in time to keep our New Years’ Resolutions, we found the answer.

With the recent University City opening of Barre Focus Fitness on 42nd and Chestnut Street, we no longer have an excuse to avoid exercising. In fact, we can now easily incorporate this workout into our plan for the perfectly toned Spring Break body.

Classes at Barre Focus Fitness, designed to sculpt muscles and burn fat, last 60 minutes and are precisely the workout we’ve been craving. Their signature Barre class is a mixture of Barre Work, Yoga, and Pilates. By targeting your arms, legs, glutes, and abs, these classes consistently deliver challenging workouts. Each exercise is followed by a stretching component so you can “shape your muscles and get a long, lean look while improving posture and balance.”

Small pulses deliver big results: toned muscles and better posture.

I attended a Barre Focus Fitness class on a Monday evening, ready to take on the isometric exercises they’re known for. We began the class by lifting our legs and arms to warm up our bodies. I began the class giggling about some of the motions, but boy, did I underestimate the power of each restricted movement. It seemed trivial, but the further into the class we were, the more grateful I was for the easy start and for having stretched; I was so sore by the end I wanted to cry.

To work out our arms, the studio supplied each of us with small weights, either two or three pounds. The great thing about the different weights is that you can easily increase the difficulty of the workout by using the three-pound weights (though, believe me, it will take a lot of working up to that level). There are also other ways to make the workout fit your level, such as by how straight you keep your arms extended. I initially chose the three-pound weights, but changed my mind at the last minute, and I’m definitely glad I did.

The arm exercises involved holding the weights out to the side, above my head, and behind my back, all while pulsing in small, one inch motions. The pulses helped tone each muscle group we worked on. The workout began rather simply, but after seconds, built up to an intense sensation – my arms felt as though they might fall off.

The carpeted studio has floor-to-ceiling mirrors and ballet barres surrounding the perimeter. 

We then moved onwards to tone our legs. That portion involved working with a ballet barre. We held onto it while we pulsed in different positions. The leg work included lunging and holding a ball between our legs while standing on relevé in first position. Following the leg workout, we moved onto the glutes and abs on a Pilates mat, which were a bit less challenging but still rather difficult.

What surprised me most about the Barre Focus Fitness class was that the motions seemed trivial in isolation, but as a whole, they comprised a challenging workout. Nowhere else have I left a class feeling so sore so immediately, yet not soaked with sweat. The combination of small movements with pulsing delivered a workout that my muscles craved.

Overall, I enjoyed the Barre Focus Fitness class and recommend that anyone looking for a good, creative workout gives it a try. Student rates are $14 for a single class, $130 for 10 classes, $319 for 25 classes, or $99 for a one month unlimited. However, the studio is running an $85 Student Special on its one month unlimited rate, for purchase in their studio with a student ID. In addition, new clients can receive an introductory rate of $25 for 2 weeks of unlimited classes. Check their class schedule to see what works for you.

– Jordan Hillier 

Images courtesy of Tribeza and Barre Focus Fitness.

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