A Guide to: Beauty Supplements

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A Guide to: Beauty Supplements

In college, you can’t rely solely on gummy vitamins for nutrients . You need to nourish your body with natural vitamins and minerals, but also with supplements.  While vitamins do not compensate for an unhealthy diet, they can serve as a safeguard against shortfalls and deficiencies in your diet. Call them “insurance” if you will, as they’ll guarantee that one meets daily recommendations of requisite vitamins. And as long as you’re taking daily capsules of Vitamin 123 and Mineral XYZ, why not gain health benefits also? Start this semester on a healthy note by trying one of these supplements:


When stress gets to you, your hair shows it. Biotin, better known as Vitamin H, not only assists in metabolizing the food you consume, but also strengthens your hair, nails, and skin.  In fact, amongst nutritionists, biotin is sometimes referred to as “hair food.” Recommended for people suffering weak, brittle or splitting hair and nails, biotin will prevent hair loss, as well as mitigating other symptoms associated with deficiencies like eczema during the winter season and balancing sweat glands. Check out Finest’s Biotin 5,000 mcg ($11.99 for 100 capsules).


Ever notice in the shower that your hair falls out easily? Look no further than lysine. Since human hair is composed of protein, supplementing your diet with lysine, an amino acid that helps build protein and affects scalp health, will not only fortify your hair but stimulate hair growth. An added bonus is that this nutrient assists your body in producing carnitine, a chemical that metabolizes fatty acids. Everyone can use a little more energy in their day. We recommend NOW’s L-Lyzine 500mg capsules ($12.99).


Most anti-aging products boast of a miracle ingredient: retinol, a Vitamin A compound. As an aid in the development of new skin, vitamin A serves combats dry skin. It is also a supplement for the mind, as it improves learning ability and memory. And for college students who spend far too many hours squinting over microscopic textbooks, here’s a plus: in addition to its skin rejuvenating benefits, vitamin A preserves eyesight by keeping your retinas moist. Check out Spring Valley’s Vitamin A Softgel ($3.94 for 250 capsules).


With finals comes stress and, unfortunately, acne. Enter zinc, the golden vitamin: it boosts immunity and shortens the duration of colds, especially during flu-season, it’s topically applied to skin for treating acne, and it helps maintain vision.  As a controller of oil in the skin, zinc prevents and alleviates the inflammation and scarring associated with acne, leaving you with clear and relaxed skin.  For every capsule of zinc consumed, that’s one less concern to worry about. Try out Nature Made’s Zinc 30mg tablets ($4.99 for 100 capsules).


What supplements do you take daily? Let us know in the comments!


-Alicia Chon

Images courtesy of Fox News, Drugstore (1, 2, 3), and Walmart.

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