2013’s Top 3 Fashion-Forward Resolutions


2013’s Top 3 Fashion-Forward Resolutions

Trying to make your fashionista New Year’s Resolutions take on a broader meaning? Why not bring in 2013 with a more environmentally friendly, “green” wardrobe?

Fortunately, this “Green Movement,” as many like to call it, has already not only been recognized and adopted  by many famous designers, such as Stella McCartney and Tom Ford, but has also become the foundation of many new and upcoming brands, like Study NY and Alabama Chanin. These eco-friendly labels use combinations of new, organic, and recycled materials for their designs, allowing them to have less impact on the environment, and a more positive impact on civilization.

 Wool Melton Coat, $1200 at Titania Inglis.

The question remains, what can be our contribution? Here are some relatively easy steps you can take, with Stella McCartney’s contributions in mind.

1.  Ditch Previous Perceptions

Recycled fabrics do not mean they’ve been turned into low-quality clothes. High-impact dyes and conventional cotton are typically cheap alternatives to organic fabrics. Had Armani not labeled this gown sustainable and eco-friendly, could you ever have guessed that this was made from recycled plastic bottles?

Eco-friendly gown at Armani.

2. Go Faux

Trade in your animal fur vests for the ever-trendy faux fur. No, this isn’t a PETA intervention, and no, wearing fur does not make you the next Cruella DeVille. However, exchanging your natural fur for some fake fur will not only lessen the load on your bank account, but will also make you a friend to the animal population.

Marianne II Faux-Fur Vest, $425 at Rachel Zoe. Quilted Leather Pants, $507 at Theory. 

Luckily for us, we have designers like Rachel Zoe and Stella McCartney to help us brave this environmentally friendly direction. Though we may like our conventional cottons, let 2013 mark your new-found devotion to the “Green Movement!”

-Deborah Kotkin

Images courtesy of Graham & SpencerTitiana Inglis, Ecouterre, and Neiman Marcus.

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