The Holiday Wish List


The Holiday Wish List

The best season of the year has arrived. We all have a broad list of things in mind that we dream of, but some gifts are so universally desired that there isn’t a single girl who wouldn’t die for one of these.  Here’s our holiday roundup:


 Cartier Love Bracelet

Every girl adores fine jewelry. The best pieces can be so valuable, so why not wear them permanently? Unlike traditional bracelets that can be taken on and off, these Cartier Love bracelets can only be opened by a special screwdriver that comes with purchase. The special screwdriver acts as a key and can also be donned as a necklace. The sense of permanency is a symbol of everlasting love. This is a perfect gift for your special someone, and acts as a daily reminder of the love you have for them.



Marilyn Monroe has said, “give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Louboutins are definitely the right shoes for that! Although certain pairs of shoes cost a small fortune, no pair disappoints. Known for their beautiful red soles, Louboutins come in different styles and many are bedazzled in bows, glitter, diamonds, or even studs. Purchase a classic black or nude pump or an edgier silver-studded stiletto for the most utility.



No matter what color or style, from dark skulls to neon, there’s a ToyWatch that fits everyone’s taste. The Italian company provides affordable, luxury watches in funky shades and designs. Pick one up for your siblings, your best friends, and even yourself! If you are in New York for the holidays, visit the Henri Bendel store on Fifth Ave. to pick one out in person. Alternatively, the ToyWatch website offers their entire collection online.



Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts especially show how much thought you’ve put into the present. This can range from personalized iPhone/ iPad cases to bracelets or rings – the choice is yours!  Etsy is a great place to shop for personalized gifts. On Etsy you’ll find a large variety of small store-owners that offer delicate jewelry and accessories. You can send a message to the owner for small requests such as a monogram or color swap as you see fit.


Henri Bendel Bracelets  

Henri Bendel is a timeless holiday classic store. Henri Bendel has a wide range of jewelry, from leather wrap bracelets to safari-style bangles. It’s easy to find one that fits every girl friend you have, plus you can get matching ones for you and your best friend. The century-old brand is known for its high quality accessories. Show the value of your friendship through these beautiful trinkets.


– Ege Ozyegin

Images courtesy of Big Frey, fanpop, Cartier, roehoThe Oniomaniac,  Etsy, and HoustonPress.

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