Teen Vogue Insider Part 3: DANNIJO


Teen Vogue Insider Part 3: DANNIJO

For most people, sharing business responsibilities and working side by side with a family member spells disaster. But for Danielle and Jodie Snyder, it spells DANNIJO, their successful jewelry and accessories line. The sisters spoke to a small group of Fashion U students in their seminar titled “Statement Sisters” about how they have created and sustained a successful business together. “She knows my strengths and weaknesses,” Jo said of her sister Danielle, arguing that this allows for a more productive environment.  The sisters believe “any great partnership in anything, business or life, is always organic.” For them, working with someone who is both so integral to their life and completely in line with the company’s vision helps DANNIJO remain genuine, fun, and real. “It can ruin it for you if choose the wrong partner,” Danielle stated.

Their partnership goes way back to afternoons spent in their garage, where they self-taught themselves wirework using their dad’s medical tools. Creating handmade beaded designs and learning how to wire jewelry were hobbies that brought the sisters closer and allowed their collaboration to grow stronger. Eventually, their hobby grew to becoming a full-fledged business after opening their first boutique in their hometown of Jacksonville, Florida.

Zanzibar necklace, $645.

Both sisters bring a different vision and different strengths to the company. Jodie went to the University of Florida thinking that she would become a sports announcer. She handles more of the business side of things and brings a classic taste to the DANNIJO designs. Danielle, who attended Vanderbilt University, thought that she would pursue a journalism career and dreamed of becoming a 60 Minutes newscaster. She has a more bohemian style and deals primarily with the creative side of the company. “DANNIJO is really an extension of Jodie and I,” Danielle said, speaking to the unique vision of the luxury accessories line that can only be achieved through the hard work and creative determination of the Snyder sisters.

Stella necklace, $495.

The DANIIJO “claim to fame” has been their statement bib necklaces, which both sisters told the Fashion U students are their favorite pieces to work on. Every jewelry sample is handmade from a mixture of unique pieces, such as chains, coins, Swarovski crystals, and old African beads. The line has a philanthropic ambition and continues to incorporate partnership initiatives with women in Africa into their company.

The Fashion U students were all hungry for advice from these creative sisters on how to start a unique company that can be sustained long enough to become a lifestyle brand. Danielle advised that the first step should be to test local markets, and Jodie agreed that you should take one thing at a time, mastering one task before you move on to the other. Establishing an online presence was big for DANNIJO, allowing customers to really get to know the brand and its aesthetic. The sisters also agree that you should “use your friends as ambassadors.” Danielle and Jodie’s business achieved much of its notoriety through collaborations with Leandra Medine, aka The Man Repeller, who happens to be simultaneously one of the most influential style mavens of the blogosphere and one of their best friends.

Henrik iPhone 4 Case, $98.

Besides offering a wide range of one-of-a-kind designs that will take your arm party to the next level, DANNIJO has recently expanded to tech cases, bridal jewelry, and men’s designs. The sisters’ energy was infectious, and their exuberance and “free-spirit” mentality is apparent in what I like to call their “city grit meets Bohemian vibe” jewelry. What’s next for the Statement Sisters? They opened up their first popup shop in New York this month on 27 Prince Street, and they recently introduced new exclusive designs on their website.

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– Madeline McCallum

 Photos courtesy of dannijo.com

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