Taking “Smart Style” to a New Level

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Taking “Smart Style” to a New Level

We don’t know if it’s because we are in the midst of finals or because they are just so witty and chic, but these literary t-shirts have us falling in love.

Normally we don’t joke around when it comes to fashion, but we’ll make an exception for this brainy bunch of tees. These shirts make for the perfect conversation starters, especially as you stroll around campus here at Penn. We guarantee these book-based tops will earn you an A+ on your style report.

Boasting references from The Great Gatsby to Moby Dick, here are some of our favorites:

From left to right:  Les Miserables Tee, $27 at SkreenedTeam Bronte Tee, $34 at SkreenedI’d Rather be Reading Jane Austen Tee, $26 at SkreenedI Party With Jay Gatsby Sweatshirt, $42 at SkreenedMoby Dick Tee, $20 at WordsTruly. I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie Tee, $33 at PamelaFugateDesigns

Whether you choose to rock one of these shirts with casual leggings for a trip to the library, or with a fun skirt to dress it up for a night out, one thing is certain: these clever tees will be sure to get you noticed.


-Laura Petro


Images Courtesy of: Skreened (1,2,3,4), Etsy (5,6).

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