Style Crush: The Girl Behind the Shades

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Style Crush: The Girl Behind the Shades

One blonde bombshell. One fantastic wardrobe. One blog. Tons of fabulous sunglasses.

That’s Blair Eadie, author of Atlantic-Pacific, for you. This self-proclaimed “lover of all things colorful, chic, preppy and printed” is perpetually hiding behind a pair of fabulously huge sunglasses and always looking fantastic. She is currently a consultant for the fabulous Penn alum Tory Burch and spends her spare time posting, almost daily, her fantastic outfit choices on her blog.

Her wardrobe always has just the right play of feminine and masculine, polished and whimsical. She plays with contrasts in her wardrobe, really making her style stand out. Eadie often opts for patterns, especially stripes, and she is always, always, always a fan of color. Whether it’s simply a pop of pink on her lips or wild metallic green pants, she never looks drab. Some of her staples include peplum pieces and tapered slacks. A layering queen, she pairs cute mini dresses with a fun sweater and a funky jacket. She also understands the importance of accessories, often choosing chunky necklaces and stacked bracelets. Even the finishing touches are on point, giving her looks that are chic and put-together, from her french twist down to her pointy-toed stilettos.

Blair Eadie is the new Barbie: she’s like a walking doll, only better. She’s funky and adorable, and looks perfect in no matter what she puts on. There’s no guessing why we’re crushing on this shady-eyed fashionista.

-Laura Petro

Photos Courtesy of: Atlantic-Pacific (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13)

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