Q&A with the Designer of World of Tashii


Q&A with the Designer of World of Tashii

Chunky Woven Chain Bracelet, $25 at Etsy.

Last winter break, we introduced you to a Penn alumna’s gorgeous handmade jewelry line, World of Tashii. This break, we’re bringing World of Tashii back because the designer, Natasha Scott, has added so many beautiful pieces we couldn’t resist. We spoke to her about how she started her line, how far she’s come, and what her favorite pieces are in this season’s collection.

The WALK: What instances at Penn drew you to create your jewelry line? Why jewelry in particular?

Natasha Scott: While I was at Penn, I was the Bookings Editor for The WALK and the Models Coordinator for Dzine2Show, so I was always involved in the fashion community. During my senior year, I designed for the spring fashion show and had a blast doing so! After graduating, I moved home to figure out my life and just started making jewelry as a side hobby. I started by selling my jewelry at holiday markets, then I set up my website, and then I got my very first wholesale order for a major online boutique located in Australia called Sabo Skirt. The rest is history!

Bold pieces like cuff earrings and head jewelry are ideal for those who want to standout. 

WALK: How would you describe the style of World of Tashii?

NS: It is bold and timeless. I only work with gold chain and different colored embroidery thread. Therefore, my signature chunky woven chain bracelets and the single woven chain bracelets, for instance, are simple pieces that can be worn in so many different ways and fit anyone’s style. Many of my customers purchase these bracelets as gifts for their friends, wedding parties, or sorority sisters because they are customizable. For those who dare to be different, my cuff earrings and head jewelry are great statement pieces. World of Tashii has something for everyone!

WALK: Where did you draw inspiration from for your last collection?

NS: The most recent pieces are the plain chunky gold chain jewelry. Recently many celebrities have been wearing chunky gold chain necklaces as simple statement pieces. These pieces are versatile because they can easily go from day to night and work well with both street wear or evening wear.

Celebrities wearing chunky gold jewelry, like Miley Cyrus, have influenced Scott’s recent pieces. 

WALK: During our last interview, you mentioned that this jewelry line was something you did on the side. Has your approach to the company changed at all? Is it still something you enjoy doing on the side?

NS: For 5 months, my jewelry line was my full time job. I dedicated all my time to developing my website, filling wholesale orders (World of Tashii is now sold in 8 different stores and online boutiques), and building my collection. And luckily, I made enough money from my business to survive! Now, the company basically runs itself so it is something I just do on the side. However, I have big plans to develop my collection and brand and hope to maybe one day turn this into a full-time career.

WALK: How did you grow your brand awareness and what are you continuing to do to increase it?

NS: Three words: social media marketing. On instagram, @worldoftashii has over 4,000 followers and my Facebook page has hundreds of likes. I have also started to use Pinterest and Twitter to increase awareness. On these different social mediaplatforms, I’m always running special promotions and hosting contests and giveaways as a fun way to build brand awareness. And lastly, I do a lot of shameless self-promotion. I’m constantly wearing my own jewelry and talking about my company, as no one can sell World of Tashii better than me!

World of Tashii is currently sold in eight different stores and online boutiques.

WALK: Are you considering expanding beyond jewelry, for instance, to other types of accessories?

NS: For now, I’m just sticking to jewelry because that is where my main interest lies. However, I will soon start working with silver and rose gold and perhaps start a luxury line using silk embroidery thread.

WALK:  You’ve had your line for over a year now. Were there any ups and downs or a particular event that caused you to re-think the strategy of your line?

NS: World of Tashii is still a brand new company and I’m learning everyday – everyday poses a new challenge. I did not study fashion merchandising or jewelry design so I don’t exactly know the ins and outs of starting my own label. I’m just learning as I go, which has been very exciting.

World of Tashii’s signature pieces are available in outstanding color combinations. 

WALK: What advice would you give Penn student entrepreneurs? It seems difficult to juggle a new venture with academics and social events!

NS: If you have an idea, don’t sit on it or put it off until tomorrow. Figure out what you need to do to make it a reality and just work hard at it!

Needless to say, World of Tashii has done it again. Even better? She’s giving us a little holiday present: a special coupon for The WALK readers. Please enter DZINE2SHOW at checkout for 20% off your order.

– Daniella Sakhai 

Images courtesy of World of Tashii

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