Move over BB Creams, CCs are here!

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Move over BB Creams, CCs are here!

Last year, the influx of Blemish Balm creams, better known as BB creams, took over the beauty industry. Now, CCs are coming. This waterproof “color correction” cream, developed in Korea, evens out and brightens up the color of your complexion. But, unlike the BB cream which was produced solely as a skincare product, CC creams retain all the skincare benefits with the additional task of providing up to SPF 35 PA++  to ensure maximum protection from UVA and UVB rays. Plus, the soft, mousse-like consistency of the CC creams offers an easier-to-blend formula so that uneven skin tones smoothen out more naturally.

Also, since these creams are imported directly from Asia, most contain high levels of antioxidants like white tea, which protects against environmental aggressors; green tea leaf extract, which is rich in vitamins; and deep sea water, which adds resilience and moisture to the skin. According to The Today Show, the Rachel K CC cream even contains an epidermal growth factor, which “stimulates collagen production by speeding up your skin’s natural exfoliation.”

Chanel recognized the benefits of CC creams and was the first international brand to launch its own CC cream in the Chinese market.  But while we wait to wear Chanel’s iconic double C’s, alternatives are now available stateside. This past October, Olay released its own “CC Tone Correcting Moisturizer” ($21.50), a tinted formula containing niacinimide, which reportedly reduces the appearance of pigmentation within eight weeks. Meanwhile, Wei To Go Beauty’s First Impression Kit ($30) mixes Chinese licorice and mulberry leaf for a formula of both moisturizer and foundation in one.

It’s uncertain when DD creams will be launched, but for now, reap the benefits of these BB Creams 2.0.


-Alicia Chon

Photos courtesy of Glossy Blonde, Tratamientos Belleza, and Glamour.

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