Men’s Jewelry: Hot or Not?

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Men’s Jewelry: Hot or Not?

When drooling over items like the Tory Burch statement necklace, there seem to be few pieces in the men’s department worth drooling over. More often than not, the thought of men wearing jewelry is confined to chunky watches and LiveStrong armbands. This is not the way it has to be.

Who says guys can’t pair a chunky beaded necklace with their sweaters or button-downs? Men’s jewelry can take an outfit to a new level of chic, just like it can for a girl’s look.

Large Pendant Necklace, $14.07 at Asos.

Pendant necklaces are a nice option for guys who want to start wearing jewelry without committing to stand-out pieces. Their lengths can be adjusted, making these pieces easy to layer and combine several at once.

Royal Cord ID Bracelet, $595 at Neiman Marcus.

Minimalistic bracelets are the perfect way to add a stylish flare to jeans and a T-shirt or a rolled up button-down. They can be paired with several thinner ones, or worn alone to keep the look classic and simple. Miansai also makes great options.

Men’s jewelry aside from the simple watch has not been heavily adopted as of yet. Go beyond the realm of “surfer-boy pooka shell necklaces” (for the sake of all of us), and try something a bit more daring and a bit more fashion forward.

– Maegan Cadet

Images courtesy of : 1 (author’s own), 2 (Asos), and 3 (Neiman Marcus).

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