Color Rules of the Season: Burgundy, Green, and Navy

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Color Rules of the Season: Burgundy, Green, and Navy

As we enter different seasons, new color codes begin to rule our lives. Though black typically rules the winter fashion scene, this time around the emphasis isn’t as profound.  Instead, this season is the time to pull out pieces in deep, jewel-toned shades of blue, green, and red.


YSL shirt (left), Emporio Armani dress (right)

Yves Saint Laurent was one of the leading fashion houses that used burgundy as a major color in their most recent Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Many other designers also had a large portion of their pre-fall collections in green and navy. Miu Miu’s winter collection was almost entirely navy, along with hints of yellow. Emporio Armani essentially defined navy as the new black with its detailed dresses. Italian design houses such as Gucci and Ferragamo did not give up on black, though this classic color will easily live on alongside the trending colors of this season.

Celine bag (left), burgundy jeans as seen on Alexa Chung (right)

These trending colors are not limited to formal wear. Burgundy and green statement bags are also must-haves. Fendi, YSL, and Celine are the go-tos for this major trend. You can easily incorporate these jeweled tones into your everyday wear. Burgundy jeans will become your go-to basic for pants. Pair it with a green, oversize boyfriend shirt for a relaxed wintery look. Or, opt for dark green jeans and pair it with a black sweater. This color code will surely stick around for quite a while. These festive colors will last past the holiday period, and well into winter.

– Ege Ozyegin

Images courtesy of Telegraph, Vogue, Celine, and Viva Fashion Blog.

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