Blogs Worth Blogging About


Blogs Worth Blogging About

Although we don’t encourage procrastination or getting distracted during lectures, check out a few of these blogs next time you need to take a mindless Internet break. These sites range from funny to quirky to simply adorable, and you might find a favorite that you’ll continue to follow daily.

1. Salmon Shorts

Even though summer is long gone, we can still reminisce about the season by looking at this blog comprised of photos submitted by students at Penn. After all, nothing reminds us about warm temperatures and beachside vacations better than that shade of Nantucket red. And next time you’re rocking your favorite salmon pants or shorts around campus, you might end up on the blog!

2. The Daily Bunny

Stressed about finals? Didn’t get the grade you hoped for on your last paper? Or, like all of us, just really ready for winter break to be here? Look no farther than this site, updated everyday with adorable rabbit pictures. Five minutes of browsing will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

3. Rich Kids of Instagram

Get your daily dose of ridiculousness with this blog, which posts photos showing the lifestyles of the affluent. After all, private jets and lavish cars are just as Instagram-worthy as Starbucks drinks and what you ate for lunch, right?

4. My Daguerrotype Boyfriend

Today we have Channing Tatum and Ryan Gosling, but this blog shows that attractive guys can be found throughout the decades. It’s fun to scroll through with friends and see old-fashioned photos of soldiers, athletes, and authors, to name a few.

5. #WhatShouldWeCallMe

This blog just might be the most accurate thing that exists on the Internet. It’s guaranteed that you’ll find at least one, if not multiple posts, that are completely relevant to life at the moment.

Did we miss any of your favorite blogs? Let us know in the comments!

-Kelly Ha

Images courtesy of Rich Kids of InstagramThe Daily BunnySalmon ShortsMy Daguerreotype Boyfriend, and #WhatWeShouldCallMe.





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