Trend to Try: Camouflage

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Trend to Try: Camouflage

Come out, come out, wherever you are! This fall, camouflage is out of hiding. The military trend has always been a hit, but more specifically, the camouflage print is on the rise. The trend adds an edgy dimension to any look. Whether you add a little camo accessory to your outfit, or make it the centerpiece of your ensemble, you can’t go wrong.

1. Pair camo with the unexpected. The natural colors of the print can often blend better than you think with fun colors and other prints. Specifically, oranges, reds, and purples go splendidly well with the look. Camouflage mixed with color is a funky way to add color to your fall ensembles. Other than color, though, camouflage can be matched surprisingly well with certain prints. Leopard and camouflage couple together very well, for instance.

2. Mix masculine and feminine. We love the idea of throwing a camo jacket over a feminine dress. The mix of hard and soft is a welcomed surprise, and it’s a great way to continue wearing dresses into winter. On the other hand, a tough pair of camouflage pants can be worn with a soft, cashmere sweater to bring out your feminine side.

3. Boys, get in on the trend. Camouflage is a textile for both G.I. Jane’s and G.I. Joe’s! Keep the print a little subtler, though. A more muted or darker version of the print can add interest to your look without compromising manliness.
Check out Topshop and Zara to get affordable camouflage pieces for your fall and winter wardrobe.

– Jane Bender

Images courtesy of Spirited Route (1,2), Fashion Notebook (3,4), Stylecard, and Urban Outfitters


  1. Belinda Whitaker

    I love camouflage! This is definitely a trend to watch, and I’m ecstatic that women are finally getting into the look too. Girls are wearing camo to their proms now…and brides are planning camo weddings!

    You give some great ideas on how to enjoy the look to the fullest. Thanks!

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