Teen Vogue Insider, Part 1: Teen Vogue University


Teen Vogue Insider, Part 1: Teen Vogue University

The entrance to the Teen Vogue offices.

Have you ever dreamed of mingling with the most important leaders of the fashion industry? Do you fantasize about meeting 500 other people that are just as style-obsessed as you are? What would you give to have access to the Condé Nast building in Times Square and an exclusive tour of the Teen Vogue offices?

The fulfillment of all your wildest (and extremely stylish) dreams comes in the form of a yearly, weekend-long event sponsored by Teen Vogue, complete with intimate seminars and workshops with the fashion industry’s most prestigious heads. Teen Vogue Fashion University happens every fall in New York City–only 500 applicants from all over the world are accepted to attend, becoming part of a very select group that will become the fashion leaders of tomorrow. Past speakers have included Michael Kors, Anna Wintour, Betsey Johnson, Whitney Port, Alexander Wang, and Linda Fargo of Bergdorf Goodman, just to name a few. This year — on the weekend of October 19-21 — I, along with my slightly ecstatic and superbly coordinated classmates, attended Fashion U with notebook in hand, ready to be inspired and to learn more about possible careers in fashion. The experience I had was so extraordinary and packed full of information that I just had to share! Stay tuned for our new column, Teen Vogue Insider, to read more interviews with designers and style visionaries–and possibly to take a virtual guided tour of the Teen Vogue offices! In the meantime, read more about the highlights of this year’s and last year’s Teen Vogue Fashion University.

Madeline McCallum (author) outside the Condé Nast building in Times Square. 

– Madeline McCallum

Image courtesy of Altamira NYC

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