Sweater Shopping 101

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Sweater Shopping 101

The season is upon us: cool wind tousling our hair and riding boots clanking down Locust. Yes, winter has officially arrived. The best event of Winter is breaking out the sweater collection. Cable-knit, oversize, or cashmere: all variations are our sartorial delight. For some, however, sweater season is a time of panic.

What’s the appropriate price for a sweater? Which material do I choose?  How do I even wear one of these knitwear creations?

Your sweater woes will be put to rest with Sweater Shopping 101, a crash course in finding the perfect sweater for the year-end chill.

1. The Chic Sweater

Fashion-conscious shoppers searching for the season’s chic look might opt for a more modern take on the classic sweater. Sweaters at stores like Zara will come with a higher price tag, but will also provide high style that will last all-winter long. One of our favorites from the Zara collection is the Twist Knit Sweater which falls in line with one of winter’s most prominent trends: the peplum top.

2. The “Vintage” Sweater

While making the thrift store trek is not everyone’s favorite past time, both inexperienced  and veteran shoppers can find success in thrifted sweaters. More commercial thrift stores like Buffalo Exchange will offer a variety of styles, from Grandpa to trendy Cable Knit. More traditional thrift stores will require harder digging, but offer unique pieces at incredible prices. Check out Retrospect on South Street, for their assortment of fabulous and reasonably-priced knits. While this sweater (pictured) from Urban Renewal will cost you $39.00, a similar thrifted sweater could be at least half that price.

3. The Graphic Sweater

You know those days when you want to walk down Locust as if you were being photographed for Vogue? Those days when you want to stand out from the rest? The graphic sweater was invented for those very days. Whether it reads a bold declaration or pictures snarling dogs (think last fall’s Givenchy Rottweiler sweater), wearing a graphic sweater is a great way to stand out amongst a sea of traditional cable-knits and khakis. Online retailer Asos has a great assortment of graphic sweaters to reflect your mood—even if it’s disdain for Monday’s Math 104 lecture…

Sweaters can range from on trend to retro – you can collect old crew neck sweatshirts, vintage Grandpa sweaters, or hip statement knits. But what matters most is that you have fun during sweater season. With so many stylish options, how could you not?

-Maegan Cadet
Photos courtesy of Zara, Urban Outfitters, Asos

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