Hauntingly Good Costumes: Which is Your Favorite?

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Hauntingly Good Costumes: Which is Your Favorite?

Halloween is without a doubt one of the best holidays of the year. When else can you completely change your identity and dress up as someone else for a night? Even though Halloween fell on a Wednesday, Penn students, armed with enthusiasm and cheer, managed to show their Halloween spirit on Wednesday and, of course, over the following weekend. While the classic “cat” and “school girl” costumes appeared more often than not, many of our peers amazed us and went above and beyond in planning and coordinating their costumes. The following five costumes (in no particular order) highlight creativity at its best.

Eve Bilger C’14 (left) and Adam Kaufman C’13 (right) as Adam and Eve.

1. Adam and Eve

Adam Kaufman C’13 and Eve Bilger C’14 dressed up as Adam and Eve, and their rendition gave Heidi Klum and Seal some competition. Adam and Eve teamed up as a duo to rock the barely-there look. Eve dressed to impress in a nude leotard, channeling a bit of Prada Spring/Summer 2012. It’s only until spring when she can rock that look again.

Melissa Diamond C’16 as Columbia.

2. Columbia from The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a cult classic, musical comedy film from the 1970’s. Each year around Halloween, theaters aire it with live actors, and the performance is greeted with an interactive audience, dressed to the nines. Melissa impressed us with her full out costume and even surprised us when we asked how she managed to put it all together: her stepmom made both the jacket and the hat. Talk about commitment and planning! And on top of that, the sequin brings us back to Dolce and Gabbana Fall/Winter 2011 collection. Quite an original and trendy end to Halloween!

Stephanie Salem W’15 (left) and Louise Malle C’14 (right) as Cher and Sonny.

3. Sonny and Cher

Who doesn’t miss the days of Sonny and Cher? Stephanie W’15 and Louise C’14 loved their style during the 60’s (when Cher was with Sonny) and brought that back for Halloween. Stephanie used a onesie she found at a Brazilian clothing store to channel Cher. While she normally wears it to the beach or even to go out during the day, she realized it would be perfect to evoke Cher’s “hippie” style.

Adriana Saman C’15 (middle) as an Otavaleña.

4. Otavaleña

Adrianna stood out in the crowd with her international fashion sense. Accompanied by friends dressed as Día de los Muertos, Adrianna decided to go a bit more obscure and dressed as an Otavaleña, an indigenous people from Imbabura Province, Ecuador. The coolest part is that Adrianna’s shirt, necklace, and bracelets were all made by Otavalos. The shirt is one of the pieces that the Otavaleñas wear in the highlands of Ecuador. Oh how we love that international style.

Eric Morin, Associate Director of Student Life for the Wharton MBA Program, as Gumby.

5. Gumby

We’ve got to give it up for the teachers. Mr. Morin, Associate Director of Student Life for the Wharton MBA Program, showed his Halloween Spirit dressed as Gumby. Mr. Morin reused a costume he had bought years ago, but kept it strictly business professional by adding a tie! He thought it would be nice to dress up and go around to the GSRs and other parts of Huntsman with candy to cheer up students who were preparing for exams!

From students to faculty, Penn knows how to do Halloween fashionably right. Love seeing photos of your friends? Be sure to check out Penn Speaks in our next print issue coming out this January. In the meantime, flip through our latest Penn Speaks.

Let us know which outfit is your favorite!

-Rolanda Evelyn

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