Enchanted with Eriness

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Enchanted with Eriness

Any fashionista out there has dreamt about making a name in the world of fashion. Erin Sachse, designer of the stunning jewelry line Eriness, has done just that. After being recognized by L.A. clothing company Fred Segal for her “Daisy Chains” – a unique fusion of a bracelet and a ring – her small business took off. On top of running a successful jewelry line, Erin balances her business with college, as she’s a student at Boston University. Here at The WALK, we got an inside scoop on what it takes to break into design and what Eriness is all about.

The WALK: How did you start designing a collection of such unique jewelry?

Erin Sachse: I‘ve always been interested in making jewelry. I learned different techniques of wire wrapping when I was younger and have been experimenting with different ideas ever since.

WALK: Did it start as a hobby? If so, what made you change it into a business?

ES: Yes, it started as a hobby. I first made a Four Strand bracelet for myself and people started commenting. Before I knew it, the buyer from Fred Segal in Los Angeles approached me and asked if I could make some for their store. All of my friends started wearing them and the word began to spread. Within months I was in several stores throughout the country – LA, Seattle, New York, Austin, and Miami. Within the first year I made and sold over 700 bracelets. Believe it or not, it all happened very organically.

WALK: How do you make your jewelry?

ES: Each bracelet is hand crafted. I use both diamonds and semi-precious stones in combination with 14kt yellow and rose gold, as well as gold-filled chain and wire. I also have a collection of oxidized silver bracelets.

WALK: Who or what inspires your style?

ES: I have always had my own style. I would consider it boho-chic. I had seen very heavy and chunky bracelets with the same concept as mine from the sixties and designed a version to be both modern and elegant.

WALK: Do you create custom designs?

ES: If they wish, customers can choose beads and stones.

WALK: What are you most proud of?

ES: What I’m most proud of is that Eriness bracelets look great on women of all colors, skin-tones and ages.  At first my clientele was women in college and women in their 20s and 30s. Then I started working with diamonds and that expanded my clientele to any age. Even my grandmother wears one.

WALK: You’re a student at Boston University. How do you balance school and your business?

ES: It’s not always easy, although I have been doing this since I started school as a freshman. Being on a college campus has certainly helped me attract [an additional] clientele.

WALK: Do you plan to expand the selection of jewelry you create?

ES: I’m always expanding and thinking of new concepts as I create more jewelry. I just started a collection of anklets as well as a line of chunkier Buddha beaded necklaces.

WALK: Do you have any advice for others who are interested in jewelry design?

ES: Keep practicing. The more bracelets I made, the better I got and the more creative I became.  If you have an idea, follow it.

Daisy Chains generally range from $150 t0 $175. To purchase, contact Erin Sachse at erin@eriness.com or visit one of these retailers:  Los Angeles- Fred Segal, Anne Sisteron, Anne Michelle, Boca, Shin Salon; Texas- Etcetera Etc; Michigan- My House of Style; Miami- Cream.

– Lauren Witonsky, Guest Blogger

Images courtesy of Eriness


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