Trend to Try: Layering the “Bracelet-Ring”

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Trend to Try: Layering the “Bracelet-Ring”

Clockwise from top left: Bracelet-Ring, $65 at EtsyFriendship Bracelet, $11.48 at EtsyArrow Cuff, $75 at Etsy. Leather Bangles, $23 at Etsy.

They’re not as warm as gloves, but they sure are chic! The “bracelet-ring” is simply a bracelet and a ring, connected by a chain to decorate the back of your hand. This accessory is the perfect new piece to layer into your stack of bracelets! But how do you mix simple jewelry with statement jewelry? Pick out unique features from your bracelet-ring such as the color, the pattern, or the material. Then find individual bracelets (or rings!) with these same features to compliment the bracelet-ring. With this trick, you can deck out your wrists in arm candy, without looking like you’re wearing too much bling.

– Lauren Witonsky, Guest Blogger

Photos courtesy of Etsy

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