Thrifting in the City, Part II: True Planet Vintage


Thrifting in the City, Part II: True Planet Vintage

After scouring thrift stores high and low, we’re back with “Thrifting in the City, Part II.”

Last week we took you to Philly Aids Thrift, which didn’t disappoint. Our travels this week took us to True Planet Vintage BoutiqueLocated on 45th and Baltimore, the store has a prime location just minutes from Penn’s campus, across the street from a great café, Milk and Honey, and only a dash away from Clark Park. Our hopes were high, but our trip there left us disappointed.

The first problem we encountered was the evident lack of care. The store is incredibly dusty (sensitive noses beware) and seems to be cleaned only once every few months. If you’re not one to feel comfortable handling vintage clothes before washing them, you’ll have good reason to feel out of your comfort zone here. To further the problem, the store has virtually no lights, and it is incredibly hard to see inside the store unless you’re browsing near the door.

While the merchandise is well-priced, the chances of finding clothes worth buying are incredibly slim. Quite frankly, the store looks like someone raided a Salvation Army donation bin and just dumped the clothes on new racks to sell. Though it hurts our thrifting hearts to say this, if you’re planning a thrifting trip in the future, we recommend skipping True Planet Vintage Boutique.

Our rating of True Planet is:

Selection: F

Organization: D

Price: B

Overall: D+

Update: True Planet Vintage is temporarily closed due to its relocation. The new address has not been specified yet. 

 – Maegan Cadet


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