Thrifting in the City, Part 1: Philly Aids Thrift


Thrifting in the City, Part 1: Philly Aids Thrift

Shopping in thrift stores, or “thrifting” as it’s commonly called, is not for the faint of heart. One must be on the lookout for diamonds in the rough, and that can sometimes mean sifting through piles of dusty, outdated clothes. Every once in a while, however, one stumbles upon a thrifting mecca, filled with fierce, well-priced items.

That’s where we come in.

You don’t have to worry about traveling to the corners of Philadelphia to find the best thrift stores, because we’ll do it for you. For three weeks in a row, we’ll be traveling to new thrift stores and reviewing them so you know which ones are worth a visit, and which are worth a skip.

This week we traveled down South Street to Philly Aids Thrift, located at 710 South 5th Street.

Walking into the store, we were a bit overwhelmed by the large quantity of merchandise jam-packed into the first floor. From a glass display of vintage buttons to walls adorned with motorcycle jackets and porcelain plates, there’s a lot going on. That said, don’t let this deter you from making the effort to uncover the great gems this non-profit thrift store holds.

If you prefer merchandise to be well-organized for your shopping convenience, this store may not be for you. But with two floors chock full of merchandise, there’s a little bit of something for every kind of thrifter.

While there are fashion-forward pieces in the store, you will most definitely have to do some digging to find them. The good news is that when you do find that special piece, chances are there’s a nice price tag to match.

We managed to find a leather pencil skirt (pictured below) for $20.00. Compare it to The Row’s version at a steep $2050.00, and it’s not even a question of which one we’d buy.

Although the selection in its entirety is not overwhelmingly enticing, it is sprinkled with pieces worth buying. The store does offer more than clothes (including records, furniture, fabric, shoes and accessories, and books), and you can aimlessly browse to your heart’s content. To put it simply, there’s definitely something there for someone who’s not afraid to search. Here’s how we rate Philly Aids Thrift:

Selection: B

Organization: B-

Price: A-

Overall: B+

Be sure to check back next week when we travel up Baltimore Avenue to True Planet Vintage!

-Maegan Cadet

Photo at top courtesy of Philly Aids Thrift 

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