The Obakki Foundation: Fashion for a Cause

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The Obakki Foundation: Fashion for a Cause

The Obakki Foundation, a unique charity that uses fashion as its mode of fundraising, donates 100 percent of its profits to its charitable projects: “creativity is [their] medium of change.” The Foundation believes in connecting their consumers with meaningful causes, and right now, they arefocused on supporting education and supplying clean water for developing communities. By choosing to wear clothing designed for change from the Obakki Foundation, you can show what you care about through fashion and foster intimate, meaningful connections with the Foundation’s causes.

A look from the Foundation’s 10 Pieces for Change Fall/Winter 2012 Campaign

The Obakki Foundation is involved in all of its projects from the inception of each idea all the way to its implementation. Their hands-on attitude allows them to quickly, effectively, and sustainably assist people in need by partnering with local indigenous groups. They even frequently visit their projects’ sites in order to accurately report results back to their supporters.

Obakki’s Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

Every season, The Obakki Foundation unveils a standout new collection that is inspired by the people they support. This season, their contemporary womenswear collection benefits the people of South Sudan by providing them with vital water wells. The color, texture, and patterns of the Fall/Winter 2012 collection tell their extraordinary story. Prices are a little steep, ranging in the mid to upper hundreds, but their designs are highly innovative. The collection is sold on Obbaki’s website, as well as the online store Farfetch. Take a look, and see what strikes your fancy!

– Anaïs Ortiz

Images Courtesy of Obakki Foundation

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