Quick and Easy Downtown Study Breaks


Quick and Easy Downtown Study Breaks

School’s been in session for a month and yet we’re already in midterm season. Take a well-deserved break, gather some friends or a significant other, and prepare for a short trip that won’t break your budget…

The Philadelphia Orchestra's Annual Concert for College Students

1. The Philadelphia Orchestra College Concert

Listening to classical music makes you smarter, right? Perfect. The Philadelphia Orchestra has a free concert for college students every year, and this year their concert is on October 11th, at 8 pm, at the Kimmel Center. Try a change of pace and get ready for a night filled with beautiful music. Reserve your ticket in advance.

2. Salsa Dancing in Center City

Relieve some stress by learning how to Salsa – an activity so fun you won’t even realize you’re exercising. It’ll be a night filled with laughter as you dance to the beat along with your friends or date. Numerous venues offer lessons, a night of dancing, or both. Take a look at a list of locations and prices before you set out for a night on the town.

A glimpse of a Philadelphia Studio

3. Philadelphia Film Festival

If you’re looking for quirky entertainment, check out Philadelphia’s Film Festival. This annual event kicks off on October 18th. Plan ahead by choosing what movies to see in advance from the official line-up of films and timesHint: Head downtown early to catch a matinee showing, where the price comes in around at only $6 a ticket.

4. Philadelphia Open Studio Tours
See works of impressionism, fine art photography, and many other mediums during this weekend-long event. Various artists are opening up their studios for visitors during October 20th-21st. Learn more about which studios are participating and information about the artists.

A piece at the Magic Gardens

5. Magic Gardens

Spend an afternoon walking through this work of installation art with mosaics created by Isaiah Zagar. Admission is $5, and information  about hours and events can be found here.

These easy, last-minute study break ideas are all budget-friendly, so you’ll still have the cash to stock up on midterm essentials like Starbucks (or Capogiros?) lattes and Red Bull. So take that study break with that cutie you’ve been eyeing or invite all of your friends and go explore the city!

– Kelly Ha

Images courtesy of  The Center for Emerging Visual Artists, Philadelphia Film Society, The Philadelphia Orchestra, and Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens 

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