IOTW: Timberland Waterproof Boots


IOTW: Timberland Waterproof Boots

The Rudston Mid Waterproof Boot, $155 at Timberland

Just because the weather has temporarily shut down school doesn’t mean we have to revert to wearing sweatpants at home and compromise our style for practicality. Timberland, known for their rugged construction boots, has recently released the Earthkeepers Rudston Boot, helping us stay stylish and ready for the weather.

This waterproof boot has a combination of  leather and suede with a rubber sole to keep your feet warm and dry throughout the day. The boots also have PET mesh lining made from recycled plastic bottles, as well as fifteen percent recycled rubber in the sole. Saving the earth? Check. Looking fabulous? Check.

Bring it on Sandy. With our Rudston Boots, we’re ready for you.

Tip: Free shipping and $20.00 off select boots (Rudston included!) if you order by today, October 29th, at Timberland.


 -Maegan Cadet

Image courtesy of Timberland

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