I’m a Mouse, Duh: Costume Transformations

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I’m a Mouse, Duh: Costume Transformations

The ghosts and ghouls of 2012 are here, and it’s time to plan your annual costume. Many college girls take this opportunity to go all out, Mean Girls-style,  just hitting up Victoria’s Secret to be a cat, a fairy, a mouse, or a VS Angel (adding ears or wings accordingly).

But this year, instead of “treating” campus boys to an easy skin show, go for a sleeker, less-is-more approach. By adding that air of mystery, you automatically add a “tricky” intrigue, heightening the actual treat all the more. Walking around freezing won’t make you look sexy – you’ll just look like you’re freezing. This year, avoid cold body parts and awkward glances and become the character you were destined to be with these easy costume alterations. It’s time to go from cold to hot.

When it comes to being a superhero, you won’t be the most successful in saving people if no one takes you seriously. Wearing what looks like your underwear might be funny for a bit, but just remember, if you are taken seriously at all, it will most likely be as a serious booty call. Instead, look seriously cute and save-the-world-ready by going for a more traditional-looking outfit instead.

Make the switch from this loincloth train wreck of a Wonder Woman to this sleek and sexy costume! Wear a swishy skirt and cape to stay warmer, and you can still show some leg.

The classic French Maid can go from sleazy to sassy and sexy with a few minor twists. An ultra-short mini with bare legs or fishnets underneath leaves nothing to the imagination – you’re just baring all for those you “serve.”

Try darker tights underneath, or even full-length fishnets instead of thigh-high stockings and garters that are oh-so-popular with “sexy” costumes. It leaves you able to wear a shorter apron, while still keeping it classy and covered in the right places.

A cute little lady bug is something we’ve all wanted to be since we were ten years old.  Unfortunately, many of the pre-made lady bug costumes are barely long enough to cover your behind. Fix it up by wearing shiny black leggings underneath the tutu, with the polka-dotted, daisied stockings on top. Add a cropped black sweater to a low-cut bug costume to keep yourself warm in the cold autumn night.

In general, having a slightly longer bottom and a slightly less cleavage-baring top is actually not a bad thing. Go from the freezing cold hooker look, to one that says “I’m confident in myself, and comfortable in my skin in the late-October night air.” For quick changes, go bombshell by donning a Marilyn-esque platinum wig over long, darker hair. Long silky gloves turn anything sexier, be it ivory gloves with a Princess costume, or ebony with a Catwoman ensemble. Props always add a fun twist, too. Be a fairy with a wand to grant every wish, or Dorothy with Toto in a basket to tote around.

-Erica Ligenza

Images courtesy of Halloween Costumes.com, ClkerJedi Robe, Halloween Costumes.org, Discount Halloween Costumes, Costumes.net


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