Five Fragrances of Autumn

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Five Fragrances of Autumn

Autumn is finally here, and with each new season comes a new addicting scent. While it’s hard to deny that the ubiquitous Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume is decadently delicious, we vote for something heavier to match this chilly weather. Our goal was to track down five warm fragrances with equal parts musk and sweetness. Featuring fragrances at different price points, the five perfumes listed below are guaranteed pick-me-ups to keep you from falling into the mid-semester slump. After all, when you’re cramming for midterms or dozing off in lectures, wouldn’t you want to smell irresistable?


1. Byredo’s Gypsy Water ($145) celebrates the Romani lifestyle by encapsulating deep forests and warm campfires in a bottle. A single spritz reveals a top layer of lemon, bergamot, and juniper berries, settled on top of an autumnal combination of pine needles and sandalwood.  It’s a long-lasting, woody scent mixed with an ethereal light blend. The citrus eventually dissipates into a smoky sweetness (hey, there’s vanilla and amber hidden in there too!). It’s cozy and perfect on top of the thick knit sweater for a chilly night in or as a pick-me-up after a long day in Van Pelt.


2. Fresh’s Sake Eau de Parfum ($38) embodies a refreshing glutinous rice scent that hints at the Japanese fermented beverage for which it is named. A pseudo-femme-masculine fragrance, the perfume contains a citrus-ginger top note that quickly fades into a complex, warm peach that lasts for up to six hours.  To add to its authenticity, the scent gathers the richest Asian notes, like langsat fruit, ginger, lotus flower, and lily of the valley, for a refreshing smell that makes you go ahhh. Plus, it’s clean-smelling, perfect for a morning after a groggy night of studying and energy drinks.


3. In creating Vetyverio ($88), the perfumers at Diptyque reportedly “had fun blurring the lines by blending perfumery’s archetypal raw materials, namely masculine vetiver and feminine flower bouquets.” It’s a unisex scent, opening with a jolting peppery citrus, grapefruit, and Turkish rose. The spiciness of the nutmeg, cedar, and musk quickly juxatapose and subdue the floral sweetness. Ladies, don’t worry about scaring off any boys with floral scents. The initial tartness of apricot and figs is offset by an astringent classicism of the more mild notes. One spritz of Vetyverio and people will be stopping you on Locust Walk to ask you what you’re wearing.


4. “Roses for men” is Le Labo’s description of its top perfume, Rose 31 ($145).  I first discovered this fragrance on a vacation in Banff, Canada, where I came upon shampoo and soaps custom-made in this scent. Despite its Centifolia rose base, the androgyny of the spicier notes like cumin and amber won my father and brother over.  Dark and enigmatic, it is perfect for the coming November days, when you need a quick confidence boost in the midst of sluggish weather. Even if you don’t have time to change out of your sweatpants, at least you know you’ll smell like a 10. [Note, we are all college students with a meager budget, but don’t let the steep price scare you. Here’s a secret: you can order perfume samples for a reasonable $6 per 1.5 mL vile to test out each scent.]


5. It may be risqué to say, but Boyfriend ($35) is a sexy scent. The floral scents are masked by the tenderness of amber and patchouli. With undercurrents of dark plum, myrrh, and vanilla woods, it is warm, comfortable, and like the name suggests, musky enough to be redolent of your boyfriend’s cologne.  The top selling points are definitely its affordable price and the instant je ne sais quoi you’ll exude with one spritz, as though you woke up smelling that good. Imagine the look on people’s faces when they ask for the brand, and you respond nonchalantly, “Boyfriend.”

The beginning of fall always welcomes a new variety of fragrances to try. Make sure you pick up one of these hits the next time your favorite summer perfume runs out! Let us know your favorite fragrances in the comments.

 – Alicia Chon

Images courtesy of Byredo, Sephora (1, 2), Diptyque, and The Candy Perfume Boy.

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