Band Crush: Ellie Goulding


Band Crush: Ellie Goulding

Over the summer, Ellie Goulding’s “Lights” played on speakers and headphones around the world. It’s no surprise the single was a summer hit, as the 25-year old British musician gained worldwide attention when she sang at the Royal Wedding in 2011.  Ellie’s sweet, high-pitched voice and the electronica beats featured behind it are instantly recognizable, and her tracks are often the starting point for various dubstep remixes.

But Ellie’s sound isn’t the only thing to love about her — her style is just as unique as her music. She’s managed to pull off pastel pink hair with a side-shaved undercut, a look all her own. Ellie’s street style favors brightly colored pants, leather, and metallic rocker accents, looks easily used to inspire daily style choices. Her new album, Halycon, dropped Tuesday, October 9th. The first single, “Anything Could Happen,” had us on the edge of our seats waiting, and the album lives up to every expectation.

Listen: Anything Could Happen, Lights, Under the Sheets


 – Rama Hamarneh

Images courtesy of breakingmorewaves, Husdon Jeans Blog, posh24, stylebistro and Idolator (cover image)

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