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Amp Up Your iPhone

Let’s be honest, hardly anyone walks around anymore without a case on his iPhone. Considering that iPhones retail for the same amount of money as 200 cups of coffee, it’s no surprise the average college student is out to protect his phone. But phone cases can have another purpose, too – to make a fashion statement. If you’re ready to express your personal style through your iPhone, feast your eyes on our favorite new statement cases:

Urban Outfitters ($40, $40, $16 from left to right)

Gypsy Warrior  ($30 each)

Jack Threads ($25, $29, $25 from left to right)

– Sarah Kehoe

Images courtesy of Urban Outfitters (123), Gypsy Warrior (1 ,2, 3), Etsy (1, 2, 3) and Jack Threads (1 ,2, 3

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  1. otterbox defender iphone 4s teal

    This review was awesome! Ditto on it being the best evaluation I’ve viewed in a long time.

    I had been grappling with which phone to buy, and
    guess what…your review made it even harder. You covered the all features I have
    been thinking about in my deciding (plus others), and noooow I have to decide which
    things are priorities. Considering that I actually try to use most/all on the nifty features on my phones,
    yet engage in a bit of phone design vanity I’m still stuck.
    Yikes! Thanks a lot Mark! No really…thanks! Fantastic evaluation!

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