Three Trends He Doesn’t Dig

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Three Trends He Doesn’t Dig

Love the latest fashion trends but worried the cute guy in your class won’t? We’ll be honest — there are some fashion trends that guys just aren’t into. We’ve picked the brains of a few Penn guys to find out which trends are taboo, and we bring you three trends he doesn’t dig. 

DISCLAIMER: No boys were harmed in the gathering of this evidence.

Hopefully that sidewalk is clean, Rachel Bilson!

1. Maxi Skirts (really, maxi-anything): They are just too baggy, A.K.A. not flattering from a guy’s perspective. Guys also really can’t understand why we would want our skirts grazing the dirty sidewalks of West Philadelphia. Or, if we refuse to let our skirts touch the sidewalks, why we would want “to wear something [we] have to constantly hold up.”

If I add heels, do they still look like pajamas??

2. Fancy Pants: Fancy pants do not make the kind of subtle fashion statement that guys appreciate. Channeling Jenna Lyons last week, I was ready to take to the streets in a plain t-shirt and a pair of new printed pants from Zara, when my boyfriend walked into my apartment and inquired as to why I “still had pajama pants on.” Tail between my fancy pants, I retreated into my room to “get dressed before we miss[ed] our reservation.”

So red and white polka dots aren’t always innocent-looking…

3. Pointy-Toed Pumps: Guys don’t see classic, sexy shoes in pointy-toed pumps. They see Cruella Deville incarnate and visible discomfort: two parts scary, one part simply impractical.  The only exception is apparently “if you trapped a cockroach in a corner,” in which case “they’d be useful for stomping it with your pointy toe.”

Guys just don’t seem to get these trends, so save them for a time when you’re not courting one. Ladies’ night, anyone?!

– Bridget McGeehan

Photos courtesy of Becoming ElizabethSinger 22Fab Sugar


  1. Hmm...

    I’m calling foul. Straight men don’t look at shoes. Have you even SEEN Legally Blonde? I don’t wanna spoil the plot twist (since you obviously haven’t seen it), but all I’m sayin’ is that straight men don’t care about your pointy shoes. Unless they’ve got a kinky foot fetish. And if that’s the case, then definitely take off your pointy shoes… and RUN.

  2. ?

    This is really sexist. Nobody should avoid pointy heels because guys think they’re intimidating. And, besides, no girl boring enough to shape her wardrobe around a guy’s opinion would wear colorful pants in the first place.

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