Taking on NY Fashion Week: A Chat with Penn Junior Hayley Brooks


Taking on NY Fashion Week: A Chat with Penn Junior Hayley Brooks

Rising junior Hayley Brooks is about to take on the fashion world’s week of all weeks: New York’s Fashion Week.  So what does it take to get into NYFW’s hottest private shows? Apparently, having a really cool internship; Hayley will be spending the chic week interning for Glam Media. Dying to hear more? We were – so we met up with Hayley to talk to her before she embarks on her incredible fashion week experience. And don’t worry: we’ll check in with her after, too, for some awesome insider photos.

Hayley Brooks C’14

The WALK: Could you tell us a little about Glam Media and what they do?

Hayley Brooks:  Glam Media is a vertical media company that is basically a one-stop shop for all things fashionable. It consists of a ton of lifestyle, fashion and beauty websites and blogs all under one big umbrella. Glam.com, which caters to a female audience, is what Glam Media is most known for. In March 2010, Fast Company named Glam the #1 most innovative media company, and Glam Style claimed a title as the #1 media company in the style category.

W: Do you have any idea what you will be doing for them during fashion week?

HB: I’m attending fashion and beauty shows (and backstages!) on behalf of Glam. There’s just so much going on and it’s impossible to do it all, so I’ll be helping them get more events covered. Then, I’ll write up the shows for their blogs Glam Blush and Glam Chic. I’ll be attending events like Diane Von Furstenberg’s breakfast party at the W Hotel and the CFDA’s fashion show for fashion incubator designers.

W: What is one trend you hope you see on the runway?

HB: I’m hoping to see a lot of hard/soft juxtapositions. We’re expecting to see a lot of dainty floral prints and brocades, but also strong collars, leather accents, and metallics. I love mixing the girly-girl and rebel-chic looks, and I definitely will have my eye out for these contrasting combinations this season.

W: What is one trend you wish you could pull off?

HB: Cool smoker loafers. I just can’t rock them!

W: What are you most looking forward to about experiencing New York Fashion Week?

HB: Definitely to the organized chaos of it all. I’m excited to be backstage and see everything come together in the final seconds — it’s a thrill that not many people get to experience.

– Adrienne Ross

Photos courtesy of Hayley Brooks and  Glam Media

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