Me to We Does Philanthropic Fashion


Me to We Does Philanthropic Fashion

Me to We is a social enterprise based in Toronto that encourages people all over the world to make small and socially responsible choices that have long-lasting effects. From water bottles, to vacation packages and even documentaries like Degrassi in India, Me to We offers products that help supporters make meaningful purchases in every aspect of their life, enabling them to easily integrate social responsibility into their lifestyles. Some of their celebrity clients include Canadian beauties Nelly Furtado and Nina Dobrev, but anyone can make a huge difference by contributing to Me to We. Here’s how.


Me to We Style

Me to We works with Free the Children, a charity focused on international development, to fulfill their mission of helping children around the world achieve their potential by creating sustainable change in healthcare and education. For example, through Me to We Style, Me to We provides supporters with eco-friendly and ethically manufactured quality clothing. Half of the profits go to Free the Children, and every item bought from Me to We Style benefits their “Buy a Tree, Plant a Tree” program.  In collaboration with Free the Children’s “Adopt a Village,” the “Buy a Tree, Plant a Tree” initiative benefits the Maasai Mara region of Kenya. Due to erosion, this region has been struggling to reforest its villages, which greatly benefit on this program because of their agriculturally based economies.


The Ganesh Shirt, pictured at left, is inspired by its founders’ first trip to India, where Free The Children originated. The traditional deity featured on the t-shirt is carved on statues and temple walls throughout India, and as the “Remover of Obstacles” it seemed only natural for Ganesh to represent the efforts of Me to We and its supporters. This shirt can be purchased from the Me to We Style website.


The Artisan Shop

The Artisan Shop is Me to We’s accessory line that tells customers exactly where the product was made and what it’s made of. This socially conscious shop features several lines from Africa to South America, specifically benefiting Free the Children villages by focusing not only on using local supplies but also on returning the profits locally.

Bracelet, $17 

The Tagua Nut Bracelet was made in Ecuador by fair-trade artisans. It is made out of natural nuts found in the tropical regions in Ecuador. Because of the Tagua Nut’s resemblance to ivory, they are also known as “vegan” bracelets. These bracelets make it easy to add a pop of color to any outfit. Wear them on their own, or pair them with simple gold bangles.

Clutch, $60

The Safari Wrist Clutch is made of leather from Kenya and supports the Maasai people, helping them towards financial independence and stability. You can customize your wristlet with your choice of six different straps. You can easily use it as a small wallet during the day or as a perfect clutch for a night out.

Earrings, $45

These sterling silver Lamu Earrings are hand-stamped and made in Lamu, an island off the coast of Kenya. Not only is Lamu a UNESCO Heritage site, it is also home to the oldest Swahili settlement. The exotic look of these earrings will spice up any outfit. Complement and complete the look with a headband: a colorful headband perfects an exotic day look, while a beaded, monotone headband adds a touch of sophistication in the evening.

 -Anaïs Ortiz

Pictures courtesy of Me to We 

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