Eat Your Veggies, and Like Them Too

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Eat Your Veggies, and Like Them Too

Alright. Let’s talk veg. As Americans have become more health-conscious, vegetarian trends have started sweeping through our nation.  Philly happens to be at the forefront of this movement:  vegetarian, vegan, and “raw” restaurants have been infiltrating our city, and we’re not complaining.

Even if you like meat, do not stop reading! I am a self-confessed carnivore: I could literally eat bacon for every meal and be happy for the rest of my life. When you think of vegetarian food, you probably think of boring salads, bland tofu, and starchy pastas–that’s what I thought at first, but we’re not talking about that!

Yes, this is actually tofu.

I’m asking you to think again, because some new hot spots in Philly are taking vegetarian and vegan cuisine to the next level, elevating it to something so tantalizingly delicious that will leave you asking: should I, too, hop on this herbivore bandwagon? So, take a ride on this veggie train, and you will be happily surprised that foods as basic as peas-and-carrots can be transformed into dishes that will literally change your life. Meat who?

 These aren’t your mom’s peas-and-carrots. (They’re Vedge’s.)


A totally vegan restaurant, Vedge, is serving up some of the best food I’ve had not only in Philly, but literally anywhere. Never have I seen a restaurant manipulate simple vegetables into exquisitely flavored, plated masterpieces. Everything at Vedge is fresh and innovative, and it is doing groundbreaking things to vegan cuisine. Don’t skip the salt roasted beets, or their daily “Dirt List” selection. This is a must-go. Like, literally, go now.

From the “Dirt List:” shaved and grilled brussel sprouts, drizzled with a smoked mustard


Already having picked up one of Philly Mag’s coveted “Best in Philly” awards for best salad and HipCityVeg is surely taking the city by storm. It’s a stop-and-go spot, featuring tons of vegan spinoffs of your favorite foods (i.e. their own Philly Steak or Vegan Caesar Salad), and their food will keep you feeling light on your feet. Also, they deliver, via bicycle (SOOooOO green) so keep that in mind next time you feel like something other than a massive, meaty meal from Jimmy Johns.

A burger from HipCityVeg

Jar Bar

Okay, I’m featuring this mainly because I LOVE Jar Bar’s acronym (JAR = Juicy and Raw). How creative, right? Well, they have all-raw vegan food, but I would advise you that there are tastier options out there. If you come to Jar Bar, I’d stick to the “bar” portion and focus on the juices, which is where the shop truly shines. They offer juices made from quality fresh ingredients, and you really can’t go wrong.

Jar Bar’s strawberry kale lemonade

Pure Fare

I know Pure Fare is not vegetarian but there are copious vegetarian and vegan options, so it’s worth mentioning. Its fresh, inspired food uses ingredients in totally new ways. Cauliflower as rice for sushi? Quinoa as flour for bread? Blow my mind much? Also, the vegan fro-yo is awesome, especially the chocolate coconut/peanut butter swirl. Just lovely.

Pure Fare’s tantalizing vegan fro-yo

Magic Carpet

Last but certainly not least, the food truck couplet by Magic Carpet never fails to impress with its vegetarian options.  Among my favorites are the baked tofu salad with miso-ginger dressing, the robust veggie chili, the Magic Meatballs (tofu meatballs in red sauce, atop a steaming mound of rice and veggies), and Sultan’s Stew (available as a special, composed of fluffy couscous resting beneath a delicious red sauce with hearty veggies and raisins).

A magical baked tofu salad

With all these options, it can’t be that hard to eat your veggies in college!

– Hungree Girl

Photos courtesy of Yelp and Jar Bar


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    I don’t know what your definition of the “forefront” is but as far as vegetarian trends go, saying Philly is at the “forefront” makes me think you’ve never been to California.

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