Aoki Boutique: Philly’s Hidden Gem


Aoki Boutique: Philly’s Hidden Gem

For anyone in search of a fresh and edgy new place to shop, look no further than South 22nd Street.  Owned by a self-made fashionista and businesswoman, Alina Alter, Aoki Boutique is a fashion-forward store nuzzled in downtown Philly. Aoki, meaning blue tree in Japanese, is filled with bold jewelry and unique apparel that you won’t find anywhere else.  Best of all, everything is affordable (lucky us!) with nothing priced over $250.

Alina has traveled to over 30 countries but came back here to share her fashion secrets and inspirations from around the world.  When she opened up her shop in Philly just this past April, Alina wanted to make sure she remained true to her style. One of her favorite places abroad was Tokyo, because of its brilliant mix of old and new styles and the incredibly bold form of self-expression she saw daily on its streets. Inspired by that notion, she buys only pieces that reflect her tastes — so be prepared for a lot of gold, funky stand-out studded jewels, and a vibe of femininity (Alina almost always wear skirts or dresses).

Last but not least, a few valuable tips from our fashion guru! Alina believes that fashion is cyclical, you can work animal print into almost anything you wear, and there’s no point believing in the do’s and don’t’s of fashion. Check out Alina’s tumblr to find even more inspiration and see her creative juices flowing. This girl has got it going on!

– Sarah Kehoe

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