Men’s Watches for All Seasons

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Men’s Watches for All Seasons

In an age when most young people use their iPhones to find out the time, watches have sadly lost a lot of popularity in our generation. Fortunately, they’ve not lost any of their style, or their functionality either.

While I’m not a major proponent of so-called “man jewelry,” watches are always appropriate and useful. Check out these different timepieces to add or update the watch that should be on your wrist now, as well as tips on how to wear them.

Torgoen T28 Classic Watch

Class and Campus

When you’re running around campus or hanging out with friends, you want a watch that’s durable and easily goes with a variety of clothing. A simple leather or understated metal band with a face you can clearly read will serve you well from day to day.

Torgoen T28 Classic Watch, $395

Breil Milano 939 Chronograph Watch, $650

Timex Easy Reader, $43

Victorinox Swiss Army Alliance Chronograph Watch, $750

Rolex Datejust II

Business and Special Events

As a young person, you’re always going to want to make the right impression, whether it’s on your boss or girls you meet at a downtown. Choose a metal or black leather band that goes with your dressier attire. Don’t be afraid to spend on this one, it should last you a long time. However, be sure to choose a watch that’s not too flashy or large for your stature, as it makes you look less sensible than if you hadn’t worn one at all.

Cartier Tank Solo Watch, price on request

Michael Kors Oversized Runway Watch, $225

Rolex Datejust II, price on request

Burberry Ceramic-Bezel Chronograph Watch, $895


American Apparel Luxury Sail Boat Wristwatch

Athletics, Spring Fling, and Music Festivals

When you’re working out or dancing to your favorite DJ, you’re probably not going to wear your fanciest watch. Nevertheless, having a watch is much better than constantly having to check your phone. As long as you choose a sport watch that doesn’t completely look like it came as a prize in a box of Coco Puffs, have fun with this one.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Sloane Watch, $150

Burberry 3-Eye Chrono Watch, $575

American Apparel Luxury Sail Boat Wristwatch, $30

Nixon The Time Teller Neon Watch, $75


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-MK Kleva

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  1. elonia_mchenry

    Great article on men’s watches! So true about wearing a watch so that you don’t have to always bring out your phone

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