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Suitsupply: Suits Made Easy

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Suits are an integral part of a man’s wardrobe. However, finding the right one can be a bit tricky, when your decision has to factor in fit, price, and available selection. If you’re in the market for a new one (ahem, OCR applicants), check out Suitsupply before returning to Penn this fall. The Dutch store has locations in SoHo and Chicago, as well as a new shop opening in Washington, D.C. this year. If you can’t make the trip to one of their large stores in America, you can also find them in several other countries or shop their online store.

Their extensive selection of suits is created with young men in mind, coming in a variety of fits, styles, and fabrics. The real kick? Most of their suits cost less than $500. Suitsupply also has a made-to-measure service, which is naturally pricier than the off-the-rack options. Their fabrics are made in Italy and give selections a refined but modern appearance. Alterations — which suits of all brands require — are done in-house, making your suit-buying experience that much easier. While you’re there, check out their shirts, scarves, shoes, jackets, and coats as well to complete your look.

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