IOTW: Men’s Retro Swimwear from Robinson les Bains

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IOTW: Men’s Retro Swimwear from Robinson les Bains

While summer is coming to a close, it’s still not too late to squeeze in one last beach trip before the school year begins. Whether you’re in Mykonos or Margate, Curaçao or the Cape, check out these swim shorts from Robinson les Bains.

The trim fit and retro length give a sleek look that has stood the test of time — the perfect way to show off your summer tan. With their bright color and detailed construction, these shorts will have staying appeal for many summers to come. Pair them with a white tee, Ray-Bans, and your most-trusted boat shoes, and you’ll be ready to spend the day at the beach.

Oxford Mid-Length Swim Shorts, $265, Robinson les Bains at MRPORTER.COM


– MK Kleva

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