Olympic Fashion

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Olympic Fashion

Even Ralph Lauren tweets! Through twitter, he unveiled the Opening Ceremony outfits (and no, we’re not talking about this Opening Ceremony) for the U.S.A. team that were designed by the iconic American clothing company.

With all three American colors proudly on display, I personally believe we should set the Made in China controversy aside. The garments were clearly labeled with their origins and the olympics are all about highlighting each country’s strengths.  Go Team U.S.A.!


Stella can do no wrong in my mind! Pictured in her own design next to two British Olympic athletes, Stella made it known how big of a role fashion plays– even in sports! Stella McCartney went so far as to interview Olympic athletes and found an overwhelming enthusiasm for great looking outfits. She found that when athletes feel like they look good, they perform even better.

Stella, as the leading designer, worked with Adidas to come up with Great Britain’s Olympic uniforms. She based her designs off of the union flag and made it quite contemporary. Some have criticized the pieces for using a lot of blue (making it appear slightly Scottish). More red please!


On the theme of “misusing colors,” Giorgio Armani has been even more daring. Not even basing his designs on the Italian flag with the colors red, white, and green, Armani instead opted for a bold white and midnight blue. But not to worry, the uniforms include words from the Italian National Anthem.

Armani is outfitting each Olympic athlete with a suitcase of Armani gear! With over 50 pieces, the Armani gear is meant to be worn at Olympic ceremonies and while strolling around the Olympic Village.

More info can be found on Style.com.

– Elonia McHenry

Photos courtesy of Style.com, BAUER-GRIFFIN.com for Ralph Lauren, and BBC 

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