Style Crush: Kate Foley

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Style Crush: Kate Foley


Kate Foley pairs her white ankle socks with black heels

How Opening Ceremony’s Kate Foley seems to effortlessly manipulate avant-garde pieces into her consistently feminine sense of style remains a mystery, yet she never ceases to make a statement. Her ensembles could almost be described as simplistic or, even, lovely, as she incorporates many vintage-inspired dresses in neutral tones. Yet  she always inserts an unexpected pop of color in the form of an oversized jacket or risky footwear.

In photographs taken of her at fashion week events or just walking the streets of New York, she never strays away from daring.  Never regarded as taboo, lately she’s been snapped pairing white ankle socks with black heels. Aren’t we glad she takes similar risks as a fashion buyer for Opening Ceremony? Her picks can be found on the store’s website.

– Bridget McGeehan

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