By Sara Designs: Fan-Fashion Handbags


By Sara Designs: Fan-Fashion Handbags

We’re going to be honest. We never thought the phrases “sports gear” and “fashion-forward” could be used in the same sentence—until I met Sara Rosenberg and got to interview her about her exciting new line. “By Sara Designs” is a line of unique handbags that caters to the avid sports fan and the girly girl. Her stylish bags are on par with high-end handbags but are at a price practical for everyday use. They are perfect for a basketball game, where the chances of it (and you) becoming a used napkin are well… high. Sara Rosenberg designs classic canvas totes, practical satchels, urban-hip graffiti clutches, and fun basketball shaped cross body bags that feature the colors and logos of collegiate and professional teams.

The idea for these novel bags came to Sara when the economy tanked two years ago and Americans’ spirits were at an all time low. Around the same time, the Phillies were well on their way to nabbing the World Series, and Sara observed how sports brought happiness and excitement into people’s lives. She also had another inspiration. As a Duke parent, her son was involved with the basketball team. She had been given a cross body bag in the shape of a basketball, and although it was “whimsical,” its wooden material was impractical. The combination of the “conversational piece” and the timing led Sara to design her own cross-body basketball shaped bag, made of faux leather and specific to sports teams.

Perhaps the coolest thing about this all is that Sara Rosenberg did not begin in the fashion world. She did not go to school for design and she had never worked in the industry. Sara simply had an idea and an inspiration, and it took off from there. Despite a previous lack of expertise in the industry, Sara proves that at any point in life, one can become a newcomer and create something fresh, rare, and seemingly oxymoronic: “fan-fashion handbags for the stylish woman.”

Be sure to check out By Sara Designs to find your team’s bags!

– Adrienne Ross

Photography Courtesy of By Sara Designs







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