Accessorize the Green Way

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Accessorize the Green Way

Recycled Skateboard Necklace by Seven Ply for $28

Almost everyone knows that going green can be as simple as recycling paper and plastic. But have you ever heard of recycled jewelry? Etsy, a “handmade marketplace,” offers an incredible selection of unique jewelry. Many of the pieces are made by artists who create while keeping the environment in mind.

The small business Seven Ply found a way to make beat-up skateboards into statement pieces of jewelry. Their mission was to find “a perfect way to improve your earth while rocking a one of a kind piece of jewelry.”

Computer Key Jewelry by Creative Dexterity for $45

Another option? Try more of a delicate piece like these recycled computer key necklaces. With different letters to choose from, you can pick a unique, personalized piece. And who would have guessed that a spoon – yes, a spoon! – could double as a chic ring?

Spoon Ring by Dank Artistry for $15

Etsy has their own app for all you iPhone users, so finding one of a kind jewelry that is good for the environment is now easier than ever.

Buy Here: Recycled Skateboard NecklaceComputer Key Jewelry, or the Spoon Ring

– Lauren Witonsky, Guest Blogger

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  1. Sugarcube®

    Please know Sugarcube in Old City carries an interesting array jewelry made from vintage components and reclaimed materials. Local and regional artists are supported as well as fair trade businesses. –Winner of many ‘Best of Philly’ awards.

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