Sample Sale Alert and Q&A with Yosi Samra


Sample Sale Alert and Q&A with Yosi Samra

Stripe and neon concept flip-flops

The WALK is oh-so-excited for Friday (today!). Yosi Samra is hosting a sample sale. Expect to see their new summer styles in fold-up flats, flip-flops, and even bags. Our feet want a break. We’re in need of flat shoes and in particular, we’re definitely eyeing those fold-up flats that Oprah raved about and put on her must have travel items. These particular shoes are ultra-flexible and are perfect to carry around and wear, when alternating with high, uncomfortable heels.

Since 2009, Yosi Samra has been known for his amazing fold-up flats through his eponymous line. Learning from his father’s family shoemaking business, Yosi has been able to combine comfort, style, and recent trends into his work.

The line, Yosi Samra, has expanded and is comprised of contemporary footwear and accessories. Yosi Samra can be found all around the world—even in the Philippines and in South Korea. Look out for their collaborations with designers and read on for our short Q&A with Yosi Samra!


Nude/neon pink two-tone

The WALK: What was your favorite design this past season?

Yosi Samra: I did not have one specific favorite, but the nude/neon pink two-tone is up there, as well as the striped flip-flops which just hit the stores. They are super fun and great for any occasion!

TW: What would be your top pick at the sample sale?

Mint flip-flop

YS: The mint flip-flop!

TW: What was it like having your flats featured in Oprah?

YS: Being in Oprah was such an amazing accomplishment for me.  You know when you are featured in anything she does that you are doing something right.  It truly shows how working hard and being dedicated pays off in the end!

TW:  Thank you so much! We can’t wait to check out the sample sale and your new shoes for ourselves!

– Elonia McHenry

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