Pure Fare’s BACK, and Hungree Girl has you covered.


Pure Fare’s BACK, and Hungree Girl has you covered.

We are in the midst of a health revolution. People are becoming conscious not only of what only goes into their bodies, but also what goes into their food. It’s all about organic, unprocessed, and natural ingredients, and Pure Fare offers just that. Serving up prepared salads, sandwiches, snacks, soups, frozen yogurt, and a sick juice bar, Pure Fare is making big moves in the health movement.

Unfortunately, the Pure Fare truck wasn’t operating at its usual 40th-and-Locust spot for most of second semester. HOWEVER, it has finally made its comeback, and I’m here to give you some advice on navigating its overwhelmingly awesome menu.  Besides being totally healthy and nutritious, Pure Fare offers a variety of foods with killer flavors, unique textures, and feature ingredients used in ways you wouldn’t consider before.

My favorite is the Zucchini Noodle Salad of raw zucchini, edamame, tomatoes, and an amazing tangy vinaigrette:

Mexican Chicken Salad:  filled with sweet potatoes, black beans, avocado, corn, peppers, jicama, grilled chicken, and a chili vinaigrette, it was extremely tasty:

Israeli Chopped Salad: A classic sans lettuce salad with cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, onions, and chickpeas, this salad is light, clean, and simple and makes for the perfect rejuvenating pick me up lunch.

Carrot Miso Sandwich: I was a little skeptical about the bread not being typical “bread” but I hardly noticed. Packed with a miso spread and fresh veggies like tomatoes, avocado, sprouts and bok choy, it was light and flavorful and the graininess of the bread even added to the sandwich.

The Cauliflower Margarita Pizza (which uses mashed cauliflower as a crust, cutting out those carbs and bread ish), is BRILLIANT. (Note: only available at PF store.)

Don’t miss the vegan frozen yogurt; a yogurt just as creamy and dense as traditional fro-yo, yet dairy free.  YUM. P.S. go swirl or go home.

While the PF truck is extremely convenient, it offers a pretty small menu–I’d suggest going to the actual store, located on 21st and Chestnut, for its juice bar, fro-yo machine, and more adventurous items (like the cauliflower pizza, and the Friday-only turkey burgers, pictured below).

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-Amanda Shulman

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