Penn Style Crush: Tiffany Valentiny

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Penn Style Crush: Tiffany Valentiny

This 18-year-old French girl has lived in Paris, Germany, and even lived in London for more than 9 years before coming to Penn. Apart from being the oldest of three sisters and a math genius, who is planning to major in mathematical economics, she rules fashion in her own way. It doesn’t matter if it is summer or winter, because Tiffany wears floral shorts 24- 7. She owns dozens of them in different colors and lengths and likes to combine them with absolutely everything.

Tiff prefers vintage over new. She loves that vintage clothes have history and might even have lived longer than she has! It makes perfect sense when she adds that her favorite period in fashion is during the reign of King Louis XIV in France. “It’s the period when they have all of those amazing dresses,” she says with excitement. Even though she doesn’t care about the designers or brands she wears, Isabel Marant is her favorite. Tiff also looks to Alexa Chung for inspiration.

Her white top is from Piper Boutique, a store on campus that is one of her favorite stores in Philly aside from Free People and American Apparel. In London, she loves to shop at places like Topshop, Bricklane, Maje and Sandro.  In fact her favorite piece of clothing that she owns is a python open-back maxi dress from Maje. Maje and Sandro both just opened up stores in NYC.  Tiffany’s navy floral shorts are also from Topshop and her suede oxfords are from Dolce Vita. Her Indian styled emerald earrings, pictured on the right, are from an Indian shop in London.

While she describes her style as comfortable and hippie (which is understandable when we learn that she is in the basketball club),  she also adds that her style has changed a lot over time.


– Ege Ozyegin





  1. Louis Markham

    This girl exudes style, but more importantly, a passion for life. The charming blend of clothes reminds me of times gone by, but not in a pejorative sense, nay. It transports me into a world where shapes and colours are key to every day life, where the paint of fashion is generously splashed across the canvas of the human body, something that the youth of today seem to forget.
    Tiffany, thank you.
    I have no doubt that your artistic output on life will serve you well, deep into the future. Hurray!

  2. Queen of KC

    I hear she is also royalty, descendant of King’s Court. I am one of her subjects.

    “I AM NOT A MATH GENIUS” – Tiffany of King’s Court

  3. Tiff

    Guys. My boss found this and printed it out to show to collegues. Awks. He loves your comment though loulou.

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