IOTW: Fendi Baguette


IOTW: Fendi Baguette

The Fendi Baguette and the Return of the Legends

Iconic bags, or “IT Bags”, as we come to call them today, have been returning slowly, one by one. It wasn’t long ago when Chanel redefined their flap bag and created the 2.55, which is originally from the 1960s. Owning a Chanel flap bag or Fendi Baguette feels somewhat like being in one of the most exclusive groups on campus. Our moms call them investment bags— and they rightly do so. Each gorgeous bag is so well-made, that it will most likely outlive you… so remember to leave it for your daughter, niece, or other loved one. Even better? Each year, their price increases so they only get more and more expensive each season. I would even say that the older your bag is, the more prestige it gives you (think about vintage Chanel bags and how they get even more attention than the owner wearing it!).

It’s been more than 50 years since Chanel first sold its iconic flap bag. Since then, these purses have been inspiring thousands of other designers and bag manufacturers all around the world. However, despite all their look-a-likes, they’ve been best sellers on every corner of the world in each of the Chanel and Fendi Boutiques from Moscow to L.A. and Berlin to Rome. Fendi’s Baguette has been the most popular bag of the 1990’s and it is quite a challenge to find the Chanel flap bag in caviar leather at the time and color you want!

Fendi’s Baguette was one of the most successful returns this season. For their anniversary, Fendi made them in many vivid colors and designs. The best thing about this bag is that it goes with everything and suits every occasion, perhaps even more than a Kelly (which some may say is the most perfectly iconic bag of all times). The colorful python Baguette is my favorite so far. They even come adorned with beads for all of the hippie lovers. For the ultimate fashionista, there is no limit. You can collect them all! It is certain that in a year’s time, the Baguettes will once again make their way into every girl’s closet.

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– Ege Ozyegin

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