Interning, Blogging and Surviving: Penn Fashion Week Panelists Speak


Interning, Blogging and Surviving: Penn Fashion Week Panelists Speak


In case you missed the excellent fashion week publication panel, here are three key pieces of advice to take away from panelists Eva Chen, Valerie Steele, Leah Chernikoff and John Jannuzzi.

On the fashion internship:

Beauty and Health Director and Special Projects Editor at Teen Vogue did not hold anything back when she stressed that magazine internships are nothing like those portrayed in reality shows. “The interns come in and ask when they are going to Paris,” she joked. “Guess what? You’re not!”  Both Chen and Executive Editor at, Leah Chernikoff confirmed that in order to impress your higher-ups, you need to keep a positive attitude. “Ninety percent of our interns have had crazy enthusiasm,” Chernikoff said. “A slave labor internship is necessary to get the experience,” Director and Chief Curator of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology Valerie Steele said.

On breaking into the industry:

The fashion industry is undoubtedly a daunting institution, yet snagging a dream job is not entirely impossible.  Penn has graduated many working in the media industry, and Eva Chen suggested starting with alumni networking. After that, she advised stalking the masthead. “Be strategically creepy,” Chen said. “For every ten emails you send, you’ll get one reply.” Leah Chernikoff added she receives emails everyday from potential internship applicants.

On blogging:

“If I didn’t have my blog,” editor at Lucky magazine John Jannuzzi said, “I don’t think I would have gotten the job I have now.” However, Jannuzzi also offered a caveat in depending on your blog to get ahead, adding that potential employers won’t “pluck you from obscurity. You have to work really hard.” Chernikoff also added that a blog is a great way to showcase your writing and “get your foot in the door.” Yet, if you’ve ever lost yourself exploring the external links on Pinterest, it’s easy to see that there are a million fashion bloggers all with similar goals in mind.  “It’s one thing to have your boyfriend take pictures of your outfit while your hair blows in the wind,” Chen said, emphasizing the importance of making yourself—and your blog—unique.


-Bridget McGeehan

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