Healthy Lunch Option: Chez Yasmine


Healthy Lunch Option: Chez Yasmine

Chez Yasmine is a recently opened food truck that strives to deliver healthy, affordable, globally-inspired food.  Its menu is particularly inspired by its owners’ North African and French heritage, and offerings range from Vietnamese banh mi to Tunisian couscous to Parisian baguette sandwiches.  Personally, I was really excited by this menu, having spent two summers traveling all over France.

I ordered “Le Josie,” which is an open-faced version of their “Swedish Salmon Smorgas:” smoked salmon, cucumber, radishes, hard-boiled egg, dill, lemon, capers, and a sprinkle of caviar, served on top of fresh pumpernickel bread.  (The Josie also comes with wasabi mayo, which I declined due to my hopeless taste aversion to mayo.) I thought my meal was a perfect lunch-sized portion–I felt full without feeling comatose, and I truly appreciate any delicious non-salad midday meal that can accomplish this feat.

For $6, my sandwich came with a complimentary beverage, piece of fruit, and a cup of incredibly flavorful lemon-tomato soup.  (I initially declined the soup due to the day’s million-degree temperature; however, upon moving to an air conditioned spot to eat, I’m happy I gave in.)

The owners of the truck were very friendly, and it was clear they put a lot of heart into their food.  Definitely worth trying–37th and Spruce, across from Beijing, open Monday-Friday.

-Alli Kaye


  1. Veronica L

    I have been eating from this cart for at least 4 months. I believe I had everything in the menu. I was very intrigued by the menu and by the story behind this cart. It was worth every penny I spent. The menu by itself is so unique and so uplifting. No falafels, no shawarma, no chicken salad or chcicken sandwich, no iceberg lettuce,no sodas, no juices, but quinoa, smoked salmon, mushrooms, tofu, couscous, homemade soup, Perrier, Honest Tea, San Pellegrino and free water and fruit. The ingredients are always bursting with freshness. I have to admit that I got addicted to the Tunisian sandwich and the Nikki with the couscous. I invited my mother to eat there and she was truly delighted. The story of the cart by itself was so unique. The owner, very friendly, switching between French to English, calling the customers by their first name. The music, when played, was always so different than the s.. we hear over and over in the radio. A unique experience, a unique food cart, a unique owner so engaging and so generous (had several free samples) and a unique menu. The best at Penn and probably one of the best in the city or even the country. Vero

  2. Uma L

    The truck is great, the food is ridiculously fresh and tasty. Never ate from a food truck, but this one is so different, so unique and so special. My favorites within the long list: The Tunisian, the quinoa salad and the Nikki. Did I say “divine”?

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